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On Wednesday, 17/Aug/2011, I rode from Tarzana, CA to Boulder, CO (about 1050 miles) starting out at just after 3:00 (PT) and getting to Boulder about 20:30 (MT). I am continuing on Friday to GPR in Nebraska. I would usually make the 1050 ride in 15.5 hours but extra stops for the heat slowed me down.

I am an endurance rider but I cannot take the heat too well so on this ride I used a Rivco Small Quick Detach Rack with a small cooler and CoolWingRider cooling vest.

The cooling vest is really nice. I wore the vest over a white t-shirt and nothing over it and the cold packs lasted about 1:45 in 100F heat moving 80mph. The second set would charge in a few minutes in the cooler with ice water and it takes seconds to swap them out. The Rivco rack connected to Rivco hitch is a great combination.

Still don't care for 100 degree heat but the vest made it far better.
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