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Just sitting hear watching the little red display in the corner of the 'puter flash 27 degrees while I wait for daybreak so I can launch for my annual Death Valley trip.

Electric socks are waiting for the D-Cells and the cooler chest on the Bushtec is loaded. Probably didn't need the ice, but I'm trying to be optimistic.

I'll head West on I10 and then West on I8 until El Centro, CA. Then North on 86, skirting the Salton Sea and on to Palm Springs.

Tomorrow, it's up 395 until Lone Pine, CA.

Then, Saturday, ride through D.V. and end the day in Prescott, Arizona.

Forecast is for the low 20's as I leave Prescott on Sunday for a 3 hour ride back home to Tucson.

Total mileage will be about 1300 miles.
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