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I have a proposition to offer to all board members. I have the under construction site – some of the information is mine the rest is the work of people like Fred Harmon, Red and others. As I have done on other MC message boards in the past I add sub links to people’s tips so users are redirected back to the original locations. The problem with this approach is after time I end up with dead links due to people changing ISP’s or moving the sites for some reason. The alternative is to copy the source and add it to my site; this causes the page to be out of sync if any changes are made to the original. I realize plenty of time goes into the tips pages with pictures and text etc so I always try to maintain credits to the original author.
Here is where the proposition comes in.
If any of you wish to startup a personal web page or if you would like to move away from the service you are currently using or even mirror the site, I would be willing to setup space on one of my servers for you. The benefit of this would be first no cost as I will host for free, any tips etc reside on the same network as my tips page so dead links and out of sync is not an issue. I will provide 100meg space for each user plus email, FTP, DNS, domain registrations, Virus scans, redundancy, daily backups and even web mail services. I hate banners and junk advertising so the pages you create will stay clean with no banners or ads unless you elect to add them on your own. While I do have several message boards running I am not by any means intending to recruit members to them – Mine are primarily Car and Golf boards anyway and I direct all GL owners to this board over all others this offer pertains to web pages hosting and registrations only.
So what’s the catch why do this for free? First off there is a legitimate catch. Once setup and running a web server maintains itself so there is little maintenance work involve for myself everything is automated. The long term benefit is “traffic” My goal is to acquire a least 500+ paying customers by 2010 when I retire. While I submit my sites (42) to 850 search engines every month there is no substitute for word of mouth. I have the equipment running 24-7 anyway so why not? I have over 220 gig of free space right now and drive space is also cheap.
I don’t really have the time to create and maintain web pages as I have many of my own I need to work on. Also this is right now one of my hobbies as I have a more than full time job in the computer field already. So that’s the offer – I provide the space and facilities and you do the web work. Hopefully everyone is happy and I get some referrals and down the road realize some profit.
Take it or leave it – that’s the deal.

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I saw your auction on EBAY, and followed the links to your set up. Very nice.

If I had the technical knowledge, to just know what I need, I might join you in your offer.

I wish you the best of luck, with your new adventure for the future.

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