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Delaware? New or Used?

Are you referring to DMS in Delaware? If so, I would recommend going some where else. I try to buy a bike for my wife and they would not deal very much. Found a real nice bike on eBay for way less than they wanted for their bike (exact model I purchased). I've been told that do not have a very good service center.

I suggest you shop around and findyou best price and checkout Honda Powersports east (rt 40 Bear Delaware) as they offered to match the best price I found on the internet (need to show them proof - talk to Tom) or cycleworld (cherryhill, NJ). The key is to shop online to get the lowest price and then deal with a dealer. I've been told cycleworld has a good service center - although I have no direct experiences. I plan tocheck them out in the future.

It seems you can get a better price purchasing a bike from a private owner (used).

By the way, if you for a new goldwing, checkout cycleworld on eBay. They are have real good prices. again, take you best price (show proof) to other dealer to see if they will match or beat the best deal you could find.

I hope this helps.
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