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Different GXM30 Mounting option (Zumo 550 XM module)

I've read previous posts on mounting a GXM 30 and I didn't see this option so I thought I would mention it for those interested.

I mounted mine above the upper trunk lid liner, on top of the keyless remote control switch box. In order to make it fit you must dremel away the molded standoffs that hold the remote box about 1/2" off the lid liner. I dremel'ed (is that a word?) flat everything between the two screw standoffs. Then I used 3M doublestick tape to secure the remote directly to the lid liner. I gave the same tape treatment to the GXM30, putting it directly on top of the remote box.

I think the advantage of this installation is 1) that it is completely hidden - not externally visible or seen from inside the trunk - if you're into that kind of "clean look" sort of thing, and 2) it is about as high up on the bike as you can have it, which helps minimize signal block from bike/rider parts. I had that problem with my other XM receiver when 2 up riding.

The disadvantage, as others have noted on rear mounted GXM30 approaches, is this does require a USB extension cable (right angle at that). The refurbished unit I bought came with one so it was simple for me. It also means a lot of running wires, tie wraps, etc. so it takes quite a bit more time than one of those RAM mount brackets.

Admittedly these are not very good "how to" instructions - some of you folks are amazing in how well you do that - but I would be happy to answer any questions. And many thanks also to others here who through their posts explained a lot about taking off the trunk lid liner and rear cushion (careful with those screw sizes!). I'm sure that saved me some big bucks :nojoke:.
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