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Well, I've had a great day even though it was absolutley pouring outside. I had replaced my air filter and was just repositioning the electronics on top of the air filter cover when my bike mechanic friend showed up.

We got the new steering bearings in and then took the forks apart for a good cleaning, reassembled them and got the forks back on the bike by dinner time. (Tomorrow it's brake pad time.)

I have a question about old fork oil. The left fork oil was very dirty and there was a different shade of grey sludge-like gunk dripping out as I drained that side. The right fork was also dirty but not nearly as bad as the left. It almost looks like someone had serviced only the right fork last summer and the left was on the bike since new. In actual fact BOTH forks have not been serviced for three years.

Is it normal for one fork to have much dirtier oil?
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