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Welcome to America!! "Deep pockets" lawsuits must be global?:lol: We have an attorney running ads offering to sue the gov't for putting up road warning signs!
I suppose you do have to watch out for those road signs. Why do they put them up there anyway? For sure they block the vision of the person yapping on the cell phone and that pigeon flying towards the windshield was hid and made me run off the road.

The world gets more stupid everyday, I never heard of such a thing, but have no doubt it is very true.

There was a lady locally, at Walmart, trying to get a cooler off a high shelf and it fell and hit her on the noodle, do not think it hurt her much, but sure enough, she got lots of money out of that one, or the lawyer did, someone got lots of money. The news said it was almost 7 million dollars.

I was trying to pull out a nail in a hanger under a home yesterday and it was stubborn, I really yanked on the hammer and the nail broke causing my hand to slam into the floor joist, after much yelling and cussing (boy that hurt ;)) I decided I would live. So do I go sue the people who made the nail? Surely they know to make it in a way it will not snap like that.

I am glad I will not see the next 100 years, but our next generation is going to have a rough road.

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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