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My fog lights work, but the button only works when pushed in 1/4 - 3/4 of the way. It doesn't "click" on and stay on. I tried electronic cleaner — both around the button and in the back. Also tired the old "Hold the button down with duct tape" trick. That lasted about 15 minutes. Necessity being the mother of invention I got a brain fart: a drywall picture frame hanger. Go figgure.

I had to bend the curved hanger part out a bit from it's OEM positioning:rolleyes:, finding too that a 90 degree angle was too much. I slipped the hanger part into that little slot on the right edge of the larger panel (see photo) and put the flat part against the button. Voila, it holds it very securely. The second image shows the correct size of the hanger (top hanger 1.25" long). The hanger part of the lower example (the 1-1/8" long hanger) isn't long enough to hook properly.
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Get a quarter and push in one corner all the way in with a quarter and then slide it off and let it snap back. Do that several times till it snaps in the on position.
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