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Skene P3 Rear LED Lights Installation
2003 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

1. Remove rear fender panel – 5 allen bolts (one behind the license plate)

2. Once you have removed the fender panel, carefully remove the below rubber boot off of the below wiring.

3. Follow the Skene install instructions:

4. For SWITCHED +12V POWER, tap into the Brown wire with White Stripe powering the license plate light. Look for the double wire connector (Brown) going vertical to the license plate light housing.

5. For GROUND, tap into the Green wire with Gray dots on the blue connector shown above.

6. For BRAKE, tap into the Green wire with Red Stripe on the blue connector shown above.

7. Test your connections so that the Skene P3s function well.

8. Drill hole behind your license plate, unhook the LED wires and thread them through that drilled hole. Reconnect wires and zip tie it all.

9. Test again for function.

10. Re-install rear fender cover with the allen bolts.

11. Secure the license plate frame and attach the P3 LEDs on both sides or the bottom.

12. Enjoy.



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Good write up ! Thanks
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