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OK, better late than never, right??

this is a 2005, Silver, Silver anniversary goldwing.
Purchased in 2009 with about 32,800 miles on it.
Took it to local honda dealer (now out of business) and had:
Rear brakes and tire changed otherwise it checked out fine.

Right now I have added the following:
Baker wings Mirror, uppers and lowers 11/2012
Kuryakyn LED RUN-TURN-BRAKE spoiler bar lighting 01/2012
replaced broken trunk lid 07/2010 - thats what happens when you start losing balance and you grab the luggage rack... :sad:
Utopia back rest 08/2012

Some where along the way in 2012 I had the front faring fixed (had a crack in it)
painted up the faring, saddle bags
Had fog lights installed
chrome plate between the fog lights added
I added the skid plate to the bottom to protect the exposed engine
bought the tool kit
bought a smaller lift- used
Cup holder for driver
cup holder for passenger

in 03/2012 I had the following done at 43102 miles
oil change - am doing these now myself
Antifreeze flush and change
Spark plugs
Brakes - not sure front or back??
Front fork seal
Front and rear tires - Elite 3 frt 130/70R18
Elite 3 Rear 180/60R16
Inspected and adjusted valve clearnce
Cleaned crank case breather
replaced air filter
replaced spark plugs
disassembled front end, removed forks and rebuilt with new seals - left was leaking badly
adjusted steering head bearings - loose but not notched
that sunk in almost $1700.
09/2012 adjustable risers for passenger foot rests
Oct/Nov 2012 - gerbing heated jacket liner and Heat n glo gloves
Heat and glow wireless dual controller
heated overpants

Since then I have changed oil twice
Most recent oil change - today 09/2013 @ 53000 miles (yes exactly)

I added a trailer hitch in 2013
I replaced my rear tire with a CT - Alpine - Thank you Rail!
In Feb 2013 I bought a heated Russel daylong used seat
however the Mrs doesnt like the ride, so its off except in winter when she doesnt ride. Need to see if I can get that adjusted some how.
05/2013 arm rests for passenger
storage bag for passenger
06/2013 New battery
06/2013 New alternator I changed it out..twice! first one had a defect in it.

8/2013 summer leather gloves

03/2014 finished heated seat mod -54K or there about
added trunk accent lighting
added battery bug

adding saddlebag accent lighting when ever the weather finally gets warm enough again!

Bridgestone BT45 mounted on Front end 55400K
gives a vibration until over 35mph. less noticeable at least after that

Changed oil and filter....and crush washer! LOL
Used Honda specified oil this time.
only 4700miles on this oil change but shifting seemed to be changing. Since the change, shifting is better again. Maybe placebo, but it seems better.

Broken reverse gear
Faulty starter
Need to rip back down and re-add all the electrical items left off on rebuild. Bike was apart when sent in, so I told them not to worry about non stock items.

60325 miles on the bike.

January 2015
Handlebar risers added

April 2015
changed out dash panel for "carbon fiber" look

June 2015
After learning of a very bad MC accident where my brother in law had every bone in his face broken (was wearing a helmet) I finally bought a full face helmet.
Shoei Neotec

July 2015
Replaced large long windshield (don't know maker) with a 16" Madstad Windshield. Love it!
Changed Oil Approx 64350
bought new J&M head set to go with new Neotech helmet. also had to buy new lower cord.

Sept 2015
added Muth mirror with red LEDs
finally got headset installed in helmet.
bought a SPOT Tracker. have yet to try it out on the bike. took a test and didn't fare well. some learning to do...

Sept 2016
69062 miles
Blew out front left fork. Front fork Seal replacement. Removed front forks. had help rebuilding them. Next time on my own. Watched how to do this for this round.
Changed Oil

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Dknudson007 2005 silver anniversary 3

guess I cant edit the last thread...that just sucks...

June 2017
changed out the exhaust tips. Not sure of mileage off the top of my head...w ill update if I get to it today.

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Prior - missed a lot on the board as i couldnt get to this thread. Bike has about 76K on it. had a couple of oil changes. Had it in the shop for some work, i will have to update when i can find the work order. They changed the Front tire i think about August 2019 -
February 2020 - changed the battery with one i bought two years ago when i though my current one was failing... Still worked up until i failed to keep it charged during a cold spell (old battery).
March 2020 - finally getting to look at my gas gauge issue. Replacing the top sending unit to see if that is at fault.Trying a used one off Ebay from Fallen Bikes. Will see if that works. if not will bite the bullet and buy the OEM. Changing the Air filter while i have it that far apart already.
Will update some more when i am done...

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Replaced instrument panel with new at about 80K (rounded up since i forgot to mark it when i pulled the old one and lost the mileage readout). New Starter and replaced replacement Battery. (then realized it was the starter,). Rebuilt Front forks again as Left side was leaking.
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