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I'm planning to tow my new bagger 500 miles each way on an upcoming trip. Reading the forum indicates not using a cover because it would likely cause damage due to flapping in the wind.

The posts also recommended the trailer have a "stone guard" protecting the front and sides. My trailer is open with 2-feet rails.

Question: Do you recommend using plywood or some other material to box in the bike? If so, should the front be a wedge or square configuration?

I plan to repack/replace wheel bearings, upgrade lights, and paint the trailer.

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I went to look at a Yamaha Venture a few years ago that had been trailered from Ontario Canada behind a motorhome to Florida and back. The bike had a cover on it as it was January in Ontario. Everywhere the cover had been touching the bike and flapping in the wind the paint was damaged so much so that the bike needed a full paint job, therefore I did not buy the bike.
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