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Just an FYI,

I bought a 05 Kompact Kamp cargo trailer a few months ago. The tires looked decent with no cracks and plenty of tread left so I left them on for a 4500 mile trip. Well after the trip they are down to 2/32nd tread left and am heading out west in a couple of weeks so it was time for new tires. (4.80/400 8in 5 bolt)

Tractor supply had tire wheel combo for $79.00 ea
Wally world had the same combo (Carlisle?)for $35 ea but were only 2 ply had 4 ply Kendra load range B tire/wheel combo for $33.98 ea.

So for $85 shipped I got 2 tires/wheels for about the same price as 1 from tractor supply and they arrived 3 business days after ordering.

Will give a update on how the tires hold up after the trip.
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