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Ear-Bud Speakrs W/J&M Headsets ?

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If you are using J&M headsets with the Z-series cords, you can go to the elite series headset page at and purchase lower section cord # HC-ZB-S,,,,,

this will give you a jack on the intermediate cord plug, to plug your ear-bud type speakers into ,,,,,,

this cord also has a resistor network built into the jack connection on the cord, so that Gold Wing system volume settings will not change whether you are using the helmet speakers OR the ear bud speakers ,,,,,,


Z-Series Lower-section 8-pin cord w/Ear-speaker Jack 1980-2009 Honda/J&M 5-pin systems. HC-ZB-S
This heavy-duty Z-Series 8-pin lower-section hook-up cord, with ear-speaker jack, can be used with all J&M® Elite Series headset #’s HS-ECD584, HS-ICD584, HS-ECD477, HS-ICD477, HS-ECD374, HS-ECD271 and HS-ECD269 headsets for connection to 1980-2009 Honda® and J&M® 5-pin audio systems.

This new cord gives you a convenient way to connect ear-canal type speakers, while still allowing your helmet mounted speakers to play simultaneously.

Warning Note: The use of ear-canal type speakers while riding your motorcycle, WILL significantly reduce your ability to hear horns, sirens, emergency vehicles and/or other safety-critical traffic noises around you.

Ear-canal speakers should NEVER be used in congested or urban traffic riding environments, where not being able to hear critical traffic and other noises could raise the risk of an accident or serious injury to you and/or your passenger.

Ear-canal speakers should ONLY be used while riding on non-congested open highways for extended periods, to reduce the possibility of hearing damage, caused by long term exposure to high noise levels.

The user therefore assumes all risks associated with using ear-canal type speakers.
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Me and my wife have been using this setup for a while now,we both are very happy with it . the thing I like about it is that if you forget to put your earbuds in the speakers in the helmet still work , its a nice clean set up .
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