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Wow! Thanks Folks! Your good tips saved me a bunch of unnecessary teardown on my install. I did not remove any trunk parts except the lift panal to expose the CB bay. I did not "drill" the 28mm hole, I used a zip bit on moto-tool -- very easy to trace out the already embossed hole. Plenty of room to work on it in place. I used the Sierra combo antenna that simply replaces the OEM FM mast and serves both the FM and CB. Contrary to reports is works every bit as well as the the OEM on FM, perhaps even better. I could have avoided the removal of the top shield -- but wanted to check adn adjsut the Cruise. I would have had no problems at all if I had not dropped the hex wrench down int the area covered by the inner cowl -- had to remove that piece of plastic.

Finding the cruise slignment pointer in the observtion port was no easy search. It was pretty much to the rear and I had to remove three multi pin connecters to see backwards into the port -- but mine wa close and only required a partial turn of the adjuster fitting to center the marks.

I still have the seat off waiting for the knife when the Utopia rest and sheepskin rest cover arrive.

And I hate those dinky little push pins that hold front center cowl in place!

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