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I should have maybe posted this on the Tech board, but figure more people will see the post here.

I recently purchased the Electrical Connection LED auxiliary lights from DLP. I attempted to install them today. Here's why I only attempted:

I got the front end of the bike torn down, as necessary to install the lights. Removed the left side fairing pocket and switch panel. I installed the switch/fuse assembly. Next I installed the lights in the fairing. Finally, I ran the wiring harness. (For those that haven't used these, EC uses "bullet" electrical connectors.) I thought something was odd when, on the switch end of the wiring harness the red wire has a female connector and the black has male, but on the switch wiring the red is also female and the black is male. I rechecked the instructions and they specifically state, "Match the bullet connections so that the wires are red to red and black to black at the switch" With the wiring harness I got, this is impossible.

Well, knowing a bit about electrical components, I know that LED's will not be damaged by polarity reversal. (They won't work, but they also won't be damaged.) That being the case, I went ahead and plugged in the wiring harness at the switch end, red to black and black to red.

I connected the wiring at each of the lights, hooked up the battery, and tested the lights. Only one worked. I reversed the wires on the light that didn't work and it also worked. This is not a useable solution however, just a troubleshooting tool. The lights also use bullet connectors, so they cannot be plugged in backwards.

So, here's how the wiring looks on my wiring harness, starting from the switch:
Switch red wire -------------------Female bullet
Switch black wire -----------------Male bullet

Harness red wire ------------------Female bullet
Harness black wire ----------------Male bullet

Harness Red wire at light(Left) ----Male bullet
Harness black wire at light(Left) ---Female bullet

Harness Red wire at light(Right) ---Male bullet
Harness black wire at light(Right) --Female bullet

Light White wire (both sides) ------Male bullet
Light Black wire (both sides) ------Female bullet

I'm in the process of contacting Hal to see if I need to discuss this problem with him, or with EC.

Moral of the story:
BEFORE INSTALLING ANYTHING, OR REMOVING ANY FAIRING connect the lights to the wiring, connect the other end of the wiring to a battery, and make sure both lights work. Then make sure the gender of the switch connectors match those on the wiring harness.

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i just installed these. Just make sure the switch connections are red to red and black to black. Believe me it works. one set of connections connects in the right sequence.

Then coonect the light black to red and white to black according to shape of connections.

One of the three sets of connections on the wiring harness matches the switch connections. The other three conections matches male to female but the colors don't match on the wiring of the lights but it works perfectly.

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