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Long story short I had an EC unit that I was not very happy with , See this thread So I ordered
A soundgate unit from Wingstuff and installed it this morning hear are my thoughts on the two units

The old EC unit installed in the trunk well

The packaging on the soundgate is very nice.

A look at the two units side by side EC on left soundgate on right

The soundgate is a little longer and thicker then EC's and I would say the wire harness on the Soundgate is a bit more robust + there is only one connection to make, My EC unit had two. Warranty's, Soundgate has two yrs. EC, one. Sound quality, The Soundgate Has it Hands down over My EC unit, That was one of my gripes about the EC unit. The Soundgate fired right up and worked as it should all day and was a joy to listen to. The following photos are of the two units to compare. the last photo is the Soundgate installed in the trunk well.

Soundgate above EC below

EC on top Soundgate bottom

Soundgate back in the well

You can go any way you want My pick is Soundgate
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