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I received an email from Ed Davis (EdSets) last evening, with the latest info on the
open-face helmet comm set-up, the "Sonic Boomer".

Price for the "Sonic Boomer" is $159....the price differential is due
to the parts and labor involved in the boom microphone.

EdSets website ( ) will be set up to take orders
for this new item by the end of this week, with shipping commencing 3/15/04 at the latest.

Carry on.

From a previous Fred Harmon post:

I just completed doing the proto-type testing and installation for the open face helmet EdSets. I have photos on line of the installation here:

The speakers that Ed uses in his headsets are better than any other brand I have listened to. They deliver good bass and can take plenty of volume without distorting. The microphone is a noise cancelling mic with very good response. I can run my intercom volume at 6 or 7 max, and have plenty of volume. This is especially important in light of the wind noise and internal intercom noise of the GL1800 intercom amplifier circuits. The lower you can run the intercom level the better. All the problems I have had with "microphonics" just about goes away with these headsets, since you can now run the intercom at a lower setting.

The way Ed has packaged the speakers in little pockets is quite ingenious and works very well. It also simplifies installation greatly. I have been very happy with the performance of his head sets and I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone.

FYI, Ed is an Electrical Engineer and I can attest that he knows his stuff about audio electronics. He is also working on some other products, including wind noise filters, to improve the GL1800 intercom and make it work better. Stay tuned...
Fred H.
Fort Worth, TX.
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