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mark in mesa here. just bought a signal dynamics BackOff unit for my '05. the included instructions say to simply "locate the brake light wire(usually under the seat)" and then cut and splice. i'm no rocket scientist but i do know that there are probably many, many wires under the seat. can someone direct me to the correct wire(color or number) in which to splice this thing. thanks in advance for any help and info. btw, i do have a shop manual for the bike but i'm just not familiar with the bikes wiring.

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I put a Kissan tailblazer on my 06. It flashes quickly when the brak is applied and then slows down to a constant light after 4 seconds (as long as the pedal is still depressed of course). Mine was installed along witha spoiler with light and went in line into a open plug under the trunk lid inner liner. I presume this plug was strictly for the spoiler however. Are you putting it on a spoiler?

I did have to splice into one wire but I think just for power for the running light portion. that wire was light green with black stripe. Sorry but that's about al I know about it. I don't know anything about your "backoff unit". Probably not much help, but maybe.
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