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Electrical wire use question

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This spring I want to replace the wiring for all the electrical add-ons I have installed on my wing. This will be for all the extra lights (50 watt fog lights in lower fairing & 50 watt driving lights below the mirrors), heated grips, GPS, power supply plugs, anything added that is not stock. I will be using different color wire for each accessory and a common color for all the ground wires.
A separate fuse block is already used for the accessories, but I will be moving the fuse block to the bottom of the trunk, above the CB.

For connectors I will be using Hitachi connectors from E/C:
I will use the special tool from E/C to make the crimps. All the wiring to the trunk fuss block will pass through another Hitachi connector located under the seat.

My question is will 14 gauge wire be OK for all of this? And will 14 gauge work with the Hitachi connectors?

Besides looking more professional, I want it easy to unplug anything if I need to remove fairings, trunk, or other parts without having a bunch of wires hanging loose.
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Yes, 14 gauge is exactly what you want. Not sure about the Hitachi connectors though.
14 Guage will carry the driving and fog lights, but it is way overkill for added accessory light. I used 14 on the fog and driving light circuits (50 watt bulbs X2 is 100 watts which would be about 9 amps, and 14 guage will carry about 15 amps), same is true of the two Gerbing controllers.

I used 16 guage for the accessory and battery charger, and 22 guaage for the under dash sex lights, ring of fire, knight riders light, GPS and cell phone charger.

Check the load you need to carry, and size the wire to suit it.

And check out this fuse block

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Thank you all for the replies. I thought 14 gauge would be large enough. I will also take your suggestion about using smaller gauge for the GPS & map lights & charger.
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