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Hi All,
My name is Dan and this is my first post. I recently became the proud owner of a new GL1800 w/ Navi & ABS. I've owned BMW's for many years and have always viewed their lack of dealer density as a precarious negative on long trips, so I opted for the Goldwing. I do have a few questions someone may be able to help me with. I have an Autocom intercom system on the BMW that I would like to use on the Honda. I know the Honda comes with its own system, but the headsets are optional, and the system is a little limited compared to what the Autocom can do. I use an XM radio that is wired into the Autocom along with its intercom capabilities, FRS bike-to-bike communication capabilities, and hands free cell phone usage. I also have a Streetpilot III that is wired into the system whose audio comes through the helmet speakers as well. The Honda has navigation, but I would need some direction in wiring its audio output into the Autocom to take the place of the Streetpilot. Can this be done without too much difficulty?
Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Dan
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