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zg1286 said:
Pulled the wheel off today. Has lots of brake dust caked and alot of corrosion.
Everything I tried would not take it off. Including English Custom Polish Took it to the car wash sprayed Castrol All Wheel Cleaner on it and I swear the black stuff gave me the finger. Found Steve Saunders webpage and looks like I am going to have to do the sandpaper treatment.
Our truck wheels don't get that type of s?$t on them.
Here is the link to his page
Thanks for the info zg1286 (that's quite a handle!). I got the information about this product from Saunder's webpage - great site...very generous guy with his time and expertise.

I want to order this product but it can't be shipped over to Canada without expensive custom broker's fees. It seems that the product is flamable and US custom says that this type of product has to be flown over rather than truck / courier / regular mail, etc. This is what I am hearing from the US representative for this product (no Canadian rep).

I have to find someone in Niagara Falls or Buffalo to ship it to and I will go and pick it up (I live 1.5 hours from border).

There's lots of info on the web re: cleaning aluminum rims. Articles suggest using various grits of wet sandpaper - 600 - 800-1000-1200-1500.

Thanks for the feedback.

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