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Even stopped cars can pose a risk…

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I was on my Wing this morning approaching a rather large intersection from the left lane with a green light for my side. I backed off the throttle slightly, covered the clutch and brake, and then noticed an SUV in the right lane several car-lengths ahead slowing down. The SUV continued to slow and came to a complete stop at the bulk line (remember, the light is green).

As normal, I scanned the area and noticed another vehicle to my right but it was not slowing (the driver was on his cell phone). This had “crash” written all over it. As I passed the now stopped SUV on my right, I heard the unmistakable sound of screeching tires.

No, there was no crash…the second driver managed to stop just before rear-ending the SUV. And why was the SUV stopped at the green light? I can’t say for sure but did notice as I passed, the driver happily yapping away on her cell phone.
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Stopped at a light waiting to turn left. An ambulance, with lights and siren, was approaching from the opposite direction and turned left in front of me. A split second before he cleared the intersection, a young girl--on her cell phone, of course--nailed the ambulance in the right rear fender. She was going fast enough that it spun the ambulance slightly.

My son was on the back and I asked him, "Think we should call an ambulance?"

He said, "I dunno, why don't we ask the cop right there." (the cop had stopped for the ambulance)
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