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Even stopped cars can pose a risk…

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I was on my Wing this morning approaching a rather large intersection from the left lane with a green light for my side. I backed off the throttle slightly, covered the clutch and brake, and then noticed an SUV in the right lane several car-lengths ahead slowing down. The SUV continued to slow and came to a complete stop at the bulk line (remember, the light is green).

As normal, I scanned the area and noticed another vehicle to my right but it was not slowing (the driver was on his cell phone). This had “crash” written all over it. As I passed the now stopped SUV on my right, I heard the unmistakable sound of screeching tires.

No, there was no crash…the second driver managed to stop just before rear-ending the SUV. And why was the SUV stopped at the green light? I can’t say for sure but did notice as I passed, the driver happily yapping away on her cell phone.
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Followed a gal yesterday she stopped just short of blowing the intersection on the first stop light. She slammed on her brakes and had smoke rolling off of them. Second light she came to was also red, she wasn't so lucky, she blew the light hit a car broadside, yup talking on the cell phone was still talking as she was looking for a place to pull over. What a KNOB!!!!!!!!
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