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We have prices and choices we make when buying filter's for our cage's and Goldwings........check this out !

I'm in need for 60,000 maintence on my 2000 Lexus RX300 and like others, want to save some $$$$$.
My Lexus dealer wants to charge me $81.50 to purchase and install a cabin filter.
It's easy to change......slids through a panel behind the glove compartment, 3-4 minutes tops.
Well.....I stopped at our local auto supply store, and bought one for $19.99.......... :hun1:

Now people.......from were I come from, to me this is stealing.

Anyone feel this pain when you have your Goldwing serviced?

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Is it really stealing if the dealer does install the new filter? Or is it just a customer with more money than he/she knows what to do with?

You are fortunate as you know how to do it yourself and save money. Not everyone is so lucky!

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cosmic_chariot said:
Its like owning a Goldwing when you own a Lexus... they know you have money.. so they want lots of it...

Soooooo it's stealing.......Right?
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