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ok...this isn't a scientific test but I hope maybe this will hopefully help someone out there. My bike is an 09 with the comfort package. My phone is a droid X.

Here is what I used for the testing:
1) Scorpion EXO-900 Transformer helmet:

2) J&M Elite headset: 629's made for the EXO-900 helmets.

3) J&M blutooth JMDM-IPBT-GL18 &PF=32

First the helmet. I enjoy a 3/4 helmet but during the winter and rain I like a full face. Instead of having two seperate helmet this one filled both bills. Over all I am extreamly pleased with the quality of this helmet, wind noise, granted the wind noise is up a bit when used as a 3/4 but still ALOT quieter than my JHC 3/4. To transform either way takes about two mins and is quite easy to do. The ONLY 'quirk' is it does to tend to ride a little forward on my forhead than I like but I am getting used to it.

J&M Elite headset: best headset I have ever owned. clear responsive and with a bit of tweaking I can hear the full spectrum of my music. The mic is comforable but it does have to be close to my mouth for the clearest production. I figure this is to reduce wind noise, in which there is NONE either in the 3/4 position or in the full face. I have actually gone to listening to the majority of my music in the headset instead of the speakers. As for the downside: I wish the lower cord was a tad bit longer. If not pushed in tightly the mic will not work or the earphones will go mono instead of stereo but a squeeze cinches that up quickly.

The bluetooth system: First I have NOT used all the features in this system, YET! such as the SD card, but from my understanding there isnt' an issue with the year of my bike. (One day when life slows down I will setup the SD card). Nor have I made any phone calls OUT. I installed this basically for my family to get in touch with me if they need to. I am basically using it for bluetooth streaming. Ok here is where the meat is...

Installation was straight forward. If I can do it ANYONE can!! :) I did install the ipod/phone connector and it worked with my ipod touch as it should.

Pairing with my droid X was as easy as it comes. phone->wireless &networks-> bluetooth settings->scan for devices-> when J&M pops up pair it and put in the pass code and you're done.

I have my music on the X and really haven't used my touch in months. You can use Double Twist from the Android market and it will pull your itunes so you can load it on your android device. you will put double twist on your home computer (or wherever you have your itunes) and the double twist app on the phone. Synch and there ya go.

I also use the native music player and car dock from time to time. Another app I use is Tune in radio. It has my local radio stations and stations from around the world that can be listened to. Actually a neat app to have.

OK so to use the bluetooth you have to be in the CD. Turn on your blutooth on your phone. If you get a call, the music will stop, and nice lady's voice will say "You have a call from xxx-xxx-xxxx". you can use the CD controls on the left handle bar to answer the phone or decline the call, or you can set up your X for auto answer after so many seconds. I have mine setup for auto answer.

I have talked to my wife and kids in traffic going slow speeds, and at highways speeds (80mph) and have no problems hearing them or them hearing me. They say they can tell I am on the bike but I am clear without any wind noise and I can hear them without any problems.

If you're on an android device the following may or may not be of interest.

If you are on Froyo (2.2.x) here are my software findings:
If you use any of the apps from above mentioned you can use the CD up and down to shuffle through the playlist or stations without any problems. If a call comes in the music stops and then picks up where it left off.

If you are on Gingerbread (2.3.x)
You can use all the above BUT if you use the CD up and down to shuffle your tunes it will start the native app and it will start to play another song on top of what you're listening to. Also it will not restart the music unless you're are in the native app. Which kind of blows but I am trying to figure out how to correct that.

After asking around I found out that the bluetooth in GB software isn't as good as the Froyo.

but there you have a little tid bit of some products and software stuff. When things slowdown I plan on doing some testing with my wifes iphone {{{shudder}}} and play around with some different droid x builds and stuff.

Would I recomend the EXO-900? Yes
the 629's? YES (you get what you pay for with headsets)

I hope this helps some folks if not thanks for reading my stuff. Feel free to ask questions...

Have a good day!
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