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We are all over the place with this one. I have a VTX too and I believe the first scheduled oil change was 4,000 then every 8,000 there after; same as the GL1800. The initial valve check was earlier, but a different set-up there alltogether than the GL1800. I did an early change on both. I put about three tank loads of fuel through them with moderate riding style accel and engine braking and then changed right to synthetic. The only real break-in is with the rings to the cross hatched cylinder honing and that goes really quick. I tend not to go the full Honda distance on oil changes anyway, but am trying to train myself to stick with 5,000 mile intervals. I can not recall having seen any metal flakes or such in my used oil, other than the initial final drive change (also early). I imagine we tend to over do this and waste a lot of good oil to get that warm fuzzy feeling.

1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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