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First time Dark Sider trying to install car tire - need suggestions on tight fit

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OK, got a Dunlop Wintersport SP R/F (195/55/16) mounted on 2015 Goldie rear wheel but having a heck of a time getting it up into wheel well and onto the lugs.
Air is all out (removed stem) but no luck so wondering if there is a trick others use?
I will try a sheet of plastic and some tire lube but would welcome the "direct" shot rather than my experimenting - if any.

Thank you,

p.s. as I'm in Connecticut, there's no hurry as winter has finally arrived... sadly. Still, my hope is to have it set for a trip to Ft Myers, FL in March, if I can find 2 days of above freezing weather to sprint down.
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The first time I tried to get a darkside tire in the wheel well, I nearly gave up. Now it is pretty old hat.

I use silicon spray to lubricate the tire and the wheel well. Beyond that, I make sure the center stand is completely extended before I start to give myself the most room and I push and wiggle the tire past the studs on the final drive. I have never used that tire, but have used other very similar tires.
OK, figured this out. Putting slippery plastic bag on the top left side where it rubs and some tire lube helped, as did putting a scissor jack under tire so I could finagle it up onto the studs. I put it in gear to keep the drive from spinning and then it was a bit more manageable to put wheel on lugs. Once on, there is a good 1/2 inch clearance on the left side. Now I need to find my torque wrench to put 80 ft-lbs on the lug nuts. Just not in the mood to test drive it at 25 degrees... which was also the temp the day I bought it in Indiana in 2018 (and yes, I did test drive it that day).
OH, and thanks Network Guy for your reply!
I was very happy using that tire on my 1500 (smaller size). Now have one on the 1800. It was, as you found out, a bit of a work out to install. Two plastic bags helped it slip thru the tight spots. For me 38psi is what I like best. Come on down to Fl . Most of the time its nice and sunny.
After laying the GW on its side, I put a floor jack under the kick stand and roll the bike further up units side. That allows more room to manipulate the tire in order to slip it into the wheel well. Do't even need a plastic bag anymore, but do let the air out.
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You may already know this but it is best to use 2 sheets of plastic or 2 plastic bags. One will stick to the wheel well and one to the tire but the 2 sheets of plastic will slide easy across each other. Also I think it is better to leave the trans in nuteral so that the hub can rotate to the best position and work out aligning itself to the holes. Also it is much easier with the bike layed over on its right side on the engine guards. Glad you got it. You will have many happy miles.
Once I had the tire bead set, I just let the air out and it went right in (P1 tire).
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