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Well, I broke down and got the suits for myself and SWMBO.

It was clear and 34 degrees this morning and I just couldn't resist! The suit is a bit cumbersome to get on at first and walking around certainly look like a combination of Gumby, the Pillsbury Doughboy, and the Michelin Man, BUT......

34 thermal underwear, just my street clothes....I stayed warm as toast. Toes got a bit chilly since I didn't put on the electric socks, but other than that it was quite the pleasurable ride. Cranked out about 80 miles or so with over half on the interstate cruising around 80 and never felt the cold intrude through the suit.

So...if anyone is fence hanging on buying one or looking for that nice warm winter riding suit that doesn't require electricity, I will give it a thumbs up!

Rick Bailey
Tuscaloosa, AL
04 Candy Red
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