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I am trying to find a set of "Foot Wings" that will work with the newer style Kury 4056 Ergo II Dually Iso-Pegs. (These are the "second generation" mounting brackets for the Dually Iso-Pegs.) I have tried the Baker Built model, and they will not work because of the way the Kury bracket fits between the lower crash bar arms. I have looked at the Show Chrome model at my local dealer yesterday, and it appears they will have the same problem. I have looked at pictures of the Tulsa model and they are not looking too encouraging.

I posted a similar question a couple of month ago, and the majority of the responses were to cut the wing with a Dremmel. While I am not afraid to start filing away at the plastic, a close inspection tells me there just is not going to be any plastic left when you try to accomodate the 4056 mounting system.

Has anyone out there found a Foot Wing that will work with these pegs. Spring is coming to Central Illinois, which means plenty of wet roads, but I only have 300 miles on this new Wing am I am going to ride as soon as the snow melts!

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