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I have been posting my Song Parodies on the H vs H Board but thought that this one was OK for this board, as it is about riding Wings, and not about any bashin, and I dont know if my pals are looking at the H vs H Boards so here it is!

This one is for some of the Georgia and North Carolina boys on here!

It is to the christmas carol, "Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

It goes like this:

Yellow Wolf is a ridin'
with Toyo, Arnbutt, and a Trialsman
A beautiful sight,
they're happy alright,
Riding in a Wingers Wonderland.

Gone away is the Board Troll,
G-Funk tried to drag it so low,
There aint no love lost,
Because he got tossed,
Posting on the GL Riders Board.

On the Board we all can order farkles,
We buy 'em 'cause we love the way they sparkle,
Some say: is it needed
We say: it just pleased
But you can put it on cause its your bike!

Later on, some conspired,
They bashed KC and hoped he'd tire,
But he faced unafraid,
The plans that they made,
To get him and his Harley to just leave!!!

On the road they sure can carve a mean line,
And all pretend that they are road racers,
They had fun flying on their Goldwings,
Until the LEO's make them slow way down.

When they go ,
Aint it thrilling,
On the straights and up the Dragon,
They frolic and play,
On their Goldwings today,
Riding in a Wingers Wonderland!

Riding in a Wingers Wonderland.


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Nice job KC!


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Merry Christmas

Turnover Beethoven! :p
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