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it's an interesting concept.....selling plans....
and just the idea of having a winter PMS project sounds fun too....
I'll guess a guy could spend 30 bucks on the table lift plans and
have a chance of building one for less than they sell for...
But I doubt the basic cycle lift would be a money saver.
After spending 20 bucks on the plans
I'll guess you end up spending more building one
than it would cost to buy the same thing already built.

Last year...before the walls of Wall Street collapsed :lol:
when we were all rich.....or at least had credit cards that still functioned :eek:
I might have built one of these just for fun....
But now that I may have to burn the plastic cards just to keep warm...
I'd just wait for them to go on sale for 49 bucks at Harbor Freight.

Thanks for the link LD.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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