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Forgotten Veterans fund raiser

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On July 31, 2010, 0900 hours at the American Legion Zach Wheat Post 624, 901 American Legion Dr, Sunrise Beach, Mo. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Chapter 4-2 ( is a non-profit chapter which identifies local indigent veterans living on $30 a month in senior homes or assisted living homes. We identify their needs and wants, then we go out and buy those items. Most want warm clothes, candies, snacks, soap, shampoo, tooth paste, etc they cannot afford, simple things to make their quality of life better. They get basic personal hygiene items provided but they are not of the quality most of us get everyday. We identified 85 veterans in need.Our chapter became so big we split into 2 chapters, now we have 45 veterans and are finding more everyday. The need is great. You can do your part, come and for $25 you get a great poker ride, access to many raffle items, and a free meal of chicken, burgers, hot dogs, roast pig, water, sodas, or if you want the AL has their bar open. Live band from 2-6 pm.
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