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From Jay Lenos Garage

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This is by far the coolest thing I have ever seen.
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Can you imagine having one of those in your shop !!!!! I would waist most of my time making things like the crescent :lol:
Amazing technology. Reminds me of Star Trek - The Next Generation. How far away are we from have a Replicator, or even a Holodeck?
beam me up scotty!
It's a cloning machine! What'll they think of in the next generation! Pretty Cool.
Absolutely incredible :thumbup:

The only difference between his garage and mine is about a gazillion dollars!
Also, their going to have to duplicate computor boards to keep our present cars running 20-30 years from now.
A MAZE ING!!!! Made in USA!!!! Can you even begin to imagine the costs involved if it was the US Government contracting out to have a company make that machine??????? This is exactly why I have so much faith in American ingenuity and our country, yet so little faith in our government. Before the flames begin, I know there was never anything said that connected this process (machine??) and the government; my point being the complete difference (associated costs) in being developed by private industry vs our government.
Some genius thought up that machine for the very reason Jay said. Try and find a gear cutter or a machinist that will even attempt to make a duplicate part. If you could even find one, he would probably say no or charge mega bucks to do the job. The inventor came up with that out of necessity. I wonder if it could clone a Goldwing. :lol:
Like the old saying goes: Necessity is the mother of all inventions
Hmmmmm - think it could make me a Rolex?

Hmmm, I could clone Shania Twain!!! :thumbup:

What a great invention. Keep old bikes running forever.

It's a cloning machine! What'll they think of in the next generation! Pretty Cool.
:thumbup:Very cool!!! :thumbup: Believe it or not the medical field is working on something similar where a printer can make human organs!!!!:nojoke:

Cool stuff. I'm sure India, China and others have ordered some of these machines.

And you can have one too... The printer is about the price of the goldwing. I priced out two models about a year ago. Cheaper one left sprues on the model it made about $15k. The more pricey one $25k was more precise and finished part. The model I had looked at used liquid pvc. It was kinda pricey for a gallon of it. Oh and it took several hours from when you hit print to produce a model.

You will be able to clone you wing (or whatever) in minature if you want. Take the snapshots of the bike and scale it back.

It would definitely be fun to play with though.

Matter of fact you don't even need to buy it, just take what ever it is to one of the places that sells/rents/leases them and they would (for a fee) make you that thing if it were scanned.
That is awesome. Would love to play with it BUT for a cost of 3,000 for the scanner and 30,000 for the printer I think it is out of my price range for toys.

But for Jay Leno that is pocket change.

aka Dan
Jay's Garage

I'm sure he'll have one in his own garage soon to keep all his old and bikes running. Lucky *******!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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