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2008 GL1800 trike

29k on ODM

This customer complained of a poor ride when going over bumps. He said "it feels like the front bottoms." He also had lots of front fender slapping.

Below is what I removed. His spring stack included a Honda OEM spring and an OEM spacer. Between the spring and spacer was a 2nd spacer.

FYI ... adding spacers to springs can damage a spring. On trikes it's sometimes done to increase ground clearance. Unfortunately, it can damage the spring, and overtime, as the spring becomes more damaged, will provide an extremely poor ride.

Yesterday, his spring length measured 12.75". According to Honda, minimum length is 12.94". Today they measure 13.125". Because they have lengthened, that's a sure sign that they were damaged. They also came out with a slight warp to them, another indication they were damaged. Today, the warp has lessoned.

I installed a Traxxion standard load spring. He already had extended caps of his forks.

He left with nearly the same ground clearance, a smooth ride, and no fender slapping. Using a spring that is known to add lift to the suspension is by far a better fix then putting a spring under more pressure trying to accomplish the same.


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