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Being an old Tool & Die Maker I did my research on the various braces out there for sale. I know there is a lot of controversy as to whether they work or not. Based on the amount of deflection/flex you get from effectively two 2 ft long tubes that are only secured at the ends, and the wheel end, only by the wheel axel. You then add the facts that oh, by the way, the fork tubes are two pieces and just the manufacturing tolerances between the OD of one and the ID of the other also add flex into the assembly. Then you rake them 4.5 to 6 degrees, add in the side forces of the front wheel they were never designed to see (the lean force of a two-wheel motorcycle and the side force a Trike creates two totally different forces) and you add a lot of front end flex.

I looked at two braces and the Kuryakyn was not secure (rigid) enough, and then there is the SuperBrace. Its design is simple, rigid, and sets a hard number to line up both fork tubes, and you can use some good torque on the bolts to hold the front and back pieces together.

To be fair the roads you ride on make a big difference in how much improvement you notice with a fork brace. I live here in Eastern Tennessee, home of the Tail of the Dragon: 318 curves in 11 miles, The Snake: 489 curves in 37 miles, and The Devils Triangle: not the number of curves but the kind of curves, you had better be on your game with this route! The SuperBrace locks down the front end. Before the brace it was hard to hold a tight line in the curves, I also had to oversteer through the curve, and changing directions was interesting. Now the front end feels tight, holding my line is no problem and the bike goes exactly where I steer it. And changing directions, well she now handles like a running back through a defensive line.

Like I said if you ride on a lot of straightaways, or big sweeping curves you won't be able to feel a big difference, but hit The Dargon's 318 curves & switchbacks after you put the SuperBrace on and it's "Oh My God" I can't believe the difference.
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