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I have an '04 Wing that has always gotten very good mileage. It stayed around 44-46 MPG for the first 40,000 miles. It did not seem to matter much whether riding two up or one up, or uphill or down. Driving it fast did make the mileage drop though.

We returned from a trip to Colorado from Texas early last summer riding two up, and getting the usual mileage. Every since returning home though, fuel mileage dropped to 36 and 37 (20%) suddenly and has stayed there since.

I have heard of fuel pressure regulators sticking on Wings, but it seems like that would cause black smoke, fuel injection light illuminating, poor performance and the like. Strangely enough, this one still runs absolutely perfect with no drivability symptoms that I can detect other than the permanent mileage drop.

Anyone out there run into this before?
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