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Our Southern Cruisers Riding Club (Chisholm Trail) had a ride scheculed to Carlos, Texas for the annual Hawaiian Shirt ride.

Tradition is you wear a hawaiian shirt and bring water pistols to soak your friends as it is usually hot.

When I pulled up to meet the group, I knew I was to be ambushed (A friend spilled the beans) So instead of joining the group in front where we usually park, I pulled around the side and had just enough time to get my super soaker out and let those no good niks who wanted to get me wet I got them first.

The ambush moved out front and we heard over a loud speaker

DROP those Guns!!

It was a Nolanville Police Woman and she was a hoot. Of course, she got wet and had nothing to defend herself so I gave her my super soaker and she got even. It was a great start to a good day.

Sorry the photo is so lousy. I had to take it off another site.


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