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Ok, lets see if I can remember everything so I can keep this log up to date.

- Purchased in April 2011

- @ ~1000 miles installed Whelen TIR3 LED light in place of the rear reflector under the tag. Installed Ram-Mount system for iPhone. Using bluetooth dongle adapter.

- @ ~3750 miles tried Perelli Euforia RF CT. Didn't like it. Switched back. At that time CAD Cycles broke the rear TPMS sensor.

- @ 4050 miles changed oil to Rotella T 5w-40 Blue Jug and used Wal-Mart SuperTech ST6607 filter. Checked / inspected all items in manual. Documented work in manual, signed off, and saved receipt in Goldwing folio.

- @ ~4400 miles installed a jumper to disable the TPMS System light.

- @ ~4400 miles re-adjusted both saddlebags so they open without assistance. Only thing I have to do now is occasionally clean and lube the door edges.
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