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I realize everyone has there own likes and dislikes but here is just a little deal I came up with recently. A few of our riding friends have those sheep fur deals they lay on the seat which helps a lot on long rides especially in very hot weather. Most of these cost upwards of $100 which seems a bit much for me. Some people will compromise by just buying some fur coat lining material for $9 a yard and do two bikes with that. Only problem with the coat lining is it is pretty thin.
I have resculptured the seat foam on my STealth which made the foam only about 1" thick at the rear and the vinyl no longer has the tight fit it did before so I figured I would give the fur a try. I ran down to the local thrift shop and found a nice thick black ladies fur coat ($12)
Cut the back out of it and covered the seat using velcro on the inside lip to hold it nice and tight.
The fuzzy cover is about 3/4" to 1" thick and feels pretty good, it also was pretty stretchy so it fits nice and tight. To remove and clean I can just pull the seat and pull it right off as only velcro strips hold it in place and they are on the inner lip where they don't show.
I guess this would work on any bike and if you don't like it - the dog will enjoy the new bed :)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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