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I got this from the LDRider list, I have not seen the BMW NavigatorII but I sure would like to have a battery power source to power the 2610 when I take a short break during a trip. The keypad may also be something we could use. Drop Garmin an email. :idea: I think this link will get you some info about the BMW unit. ... dance.html

Subject: LDRider: 2610/ BMW Navigator II Extra Keypad

I just spoke to technical support at Garmin about both the keypad and the
battery pack that are offered on the BMW. There are currently no plans to
make either one or the entire motorcycle 'kit' available to the general
public because Garmin is under the impression that there is no market for
the products. He encouraged me to mount an email campaign to persuade them

The processor on the 2610 is so much faster than the SPIII, but I'd like to
be able to keep my running time accurate if I disconnect the GPS from the
bike. Please send an email to [email protected] requesting that
they offer the motorcycle kit as an option.


For those of you on other lists, please feel free to cross-post this - I'd
love to see the inbox at Garmin prove there is a significant motorcycle
market :^))

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The BMW GPS that my friend's LT has is an SPIII with "BMW" on the case, otherwise seems identical. This one looks identical to the 2610 (with an extra keypad), and I would be willing to bet it has to exact same connector as the regular 2610. Has anyone tried just ordering the BMW accessory battery pack and plugging it in? It's listed as an available accessory from BMW. For my needs, just wiring the 2610 to a non-switched power source would do - so that when I stop for gas or meals it could remain on while the bike was switched off. I really don't wanna make room for an extra accessory (battery pack and charger) when I already have the little A/C adapter for 'in room' use.

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Garmin 2610 motorcycle mounting kit

I contacted Garmin as listed here above and this is the answer i got from Garmin Europe:
Dear Sir,

There will be a motorcycle mounting kit for this unit. It will be available
early 2004.

Sarah Chaddock
Garmin (Europe) Ltd


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