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I just received this email from Kennedy. I ordered a harness from
Cycle Gadgets..(574) 935-5600
The harness for the 2610 is done. Te following options are available
to you.

1. If you already own a Kennedy Technology CellSet MC/SP or MC/SP2,
RadarSet, old style DualSet (with hardwired 2.5 mm mono plugs),
GPS/MPGSet or GPSet-SP3, contact and order the Garmin
cable harness with the 2.5 mm jack molded into the cable harness.
GPSet owners merely cap and tie back the SP3 power plug.

I do not know the MSRP for this harness. Check with Cyclegadgets.

If you do not own one of these products, contact CycelGadgets and order
the SingleSet or DualSet with appropriate intercom harness, device
harness(es) and power harness(es). The 1800US power harness connects
the device harenss to a switched supply, the 1800-Euro harness is not
terminated with a hitachi type plug so you can connect it to an
unswitched source.

A note about power harnesses and device harnesses.

If you want to connect two devices and want one to have switched power
(e.g. radar detector) and the 2610 to be unswitched, buy one 1800US
Power harness and one 1800Euro harness. Connect the 1800US power
harness directly to the radar detector's device harness. Similarly,
attach the 1800Euro power harness directly to the 2610 device harness.

If you want both devices to be switched, just purchase one 1800US power
harness (1800Euro for unswitched) and connect it to the DualSet.
DualSet splits the power harness and feeds it to each device harness.

MSRP for the SIngle Set with 2610 device harness is $99.95
MSRP for the DualSet with 2610 harness and radar detector harness is
$149.95. Add $10 for additional power harness

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Just as an added clarification - the Garmin power/audio cable still only has the audio jack up near the power connector on the back of the unit (as Fuzzy posted about a couple of weeks ago on the tech board).

The cable that they are selling (as of yesterday) still does not put the audio connection down at the bare wire end of the cable where it will do the most good for a new installation.

The cable that they are selling now is perfect for those that are upgrading GPS's and currently have a cable installed, which would then just plug into the new jack.

If you want to have the power and audio wires at the end of the cable, you'll have to modify a standard power plug/speaker assembly until Jon w/Kennedy gets his units fabricated.

The information regarding the various harnesses and configurations is good to know, thanks for helping clear that up :)

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I hope Jon at Kennedy doesn't get mad at me for passing this on, but here's what I did; I ordered a new Garmin 2610 power plug/speaker/cable. I called Kennedy and asked if they could put that cable into one of their "Single Set" products. They were willing to do that for me so, when I get it I should have the perfect setup for the 2610 into the GL1800 audio setup. I'll end up with the audio from the 2610 ending at the power lead end of the cable, where it will connect to the audio system. I don't know why Garmin made the "new" cable with the audio at the GPS end of things. but all you really need is another standard power plug. I hope to have mine soon. Had it made so the GPS is "hot" all the time too. My hat is off to Jon at Kennedy for working with me on this :D :D :wink:
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