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I have a 2610 GPS and have really enjoyed using it.
Thanks Bulldog.
Anyways here is something I have learned about using two types of software.
I have the The North American City Navigator v5 and also the MetroGuide Canada v4 installed on my computer.
You can download both programs into the 2610's memory.

Just use the MapTool (v4) to highlight what places you want to save (ie Southern Ontario).

Then go to the other program (v5) and using the MapTool highlight the areas you want to save. (ie Mich,Ohio.)

Then look at the Maps on the left and you'll see the # of Maps and the MB used.

Save them in a file as (Onv4&Mich/Ohiov5) or what ever areas you highlighted.

I have to say the Garmin 2610 is a lot of fun to use.

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