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I have a Garmin 590 that I've been using on my 2006 for a couple years now and it works great. I purchased the Garmin TPMS to work with the GPS and that worked great too. Until the batteries got low and died and then it nagged me all time.

Last fall I bought a new 2017. That has the built in TPMS with the light on the dash - not really reporting what the actual pressure is. But that's ok. I want to use my Garmin on that as well. It has a better built-in GPS but I like having all my routes on the 590 and I also use it for all my music. So I need to get another motorcycle mount for it.

I'm wondering about the TPMS though. I don't know if there's an easy way to have it ignore the TPMS stuff when I'm on the 2017 so it doesn't nag me. I wouldn't want to have to wipe out the pairing/disconnect the sensors when I'm on the 2017 an then have to re-pair them every time I ride the 2006. Or, if I got the sensors for the 2017 would I have to pair for the bike I'm on every time? Is there some way to have multiple vehicle "profiles" on the 590 to choose which vehicle I'm riding?

How do others use the GPS on multiple vehicles?
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