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I just got off the phone with Garmin customer service, and have a good feeling about them. It took me about an hour, on and off, just to hook up to them. Then it was another 15 - 20 minutes to get to a Rep.

When the Rep, Steve got on the phone with me, I felt comfortable right away. I had a previous version of MAPSOURCE loaded on my computer for my SP III, I tried loading the new software for the 2610 over the older version. No Dice! Then I tried deleting the older version, and loading the new version clean. No Dice ! Then I did a system recovery (win ME) and still no dice. I tried everything that I knew about, and I guess it was not enough. I kept coming up with a message, that the software was successfully loaded, followed with an error message, that the registry was in error.

Well anyhow, when Steve got on the phone, we spent about an hour on the phone. He was soft spoken, and well informed. His patience and knowledge of his product was excellent. Not one time, did I ever feel like he was rushing me, so that he could get to the next customer in line. He told me that he takes one customer at a time, all the way to completion and satisfaction.

We concluded our business to my satisfaction, and he explained a few items that are majorly different on the 2610. He also told me, that Garmin is on the brink, of shipping cradles and harnesses.

I am 100% satisfied with the service that I received from Customer Service, and I have a lot of confidence with the name Garmin.

Thank you Steve & Garmin.

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