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Just obtained some good information from a Garmin rep. I was discussing getting .gpx files to my 2010 model. His answer as expected was not possible ( unless a backdoor method was used, i.e. a computer programmer with knowledge might be able to). However, he was kind enough to give me a direct phone number to the dept that handles issues concerning GoldWing navi units. I didn't bring up the recalculation problems with him as I have not had those issue personally, but thought those of you that did or have other issues could use the direct line to them. He also mentioned that new 2012 maps should be available in about a month so he recommended waiting to update maps until then. I didn't mention I already have 2013.10 loaded.;)

The number is 1-866-606-7555
He also stated that there is little or no wait time on this line.:thumbup:

Sorry if this is a repost.
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