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For 3xx and 4xx fans, Garmins new 640 looks pretty nice, however, it does seem to have some limitations. The manual is now available online at Garmin and after reading it, I had a couple of questions which I emailed to Garmin. To their credit, they answered immediately!

There seems to be 3 main issues:

1. Unit does not save tracks in Auto mode.
This is true, however Garmin says the CURRENT track log IS saved. In other words, you have 10k points that are retained and are downloadable to Mapsource for saving. If you have a 3xx/4xx, you know that those 10k points will get you close to 1000 miles.

2. Unit uses GXM-40 antenna for XM and XM weather. This is true, however, Garmin says the GXM-30 IS compatable with the 640. The GXM-40 is NOT compatable with the 3xx/4xx.

3. XM weather not available in Auto mode. This is true, however, nothing says you can't be in Marine mode while on the land! The weather is what you're mostly interested anyway, so not having detailed road info available while checking the weather does not seem to be a show stopper for me.

So while the 640 does have some shortcomings in Auto mode, looking at that huge, high rez screen should be worth something?

Supposed to be available this month!

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