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The main thing that makes a board a friendly place is to show respect for each other.

Political, religious, personal attacks and racial or minority slurs are not permitted. Adding "This is not political (or religious)" to the subject line does not exempt you from a violation of the board rules. If you see a post that violates these rules and guidelines please report it. These same guidelines apply for private messages, show respect, no personal attacks, etc. Report and forward inappropriate private messages to a moderator.

GL1800Riders Sponsors are vendors that have a product or service to offer the 38,000+ members of gives them a banner and the right to have a link in their membership signature line.
It allows them to post product, service and upcoming event information in their own respective forum. Please use this link Contact Us to apply for a banner ad here and for pricing and availability. All ad's must be approved by the site admin.Any members that are not sponsors but have business links, advertising, self promoting infomercials or banners of commerce in their signature line (or posted message) will have those links, infomercials or banners removed.

This is a "Work Safe and Family Friendly Site". That means no naked bodies. You should be able to click on any message here and not have to worry about what's going to pop up on the screen if your kids or boss are in the room. If you see a post that violates these rules and guidelines please report it.

Multiple Accounts are not permitted and will be deleted. Period.
This is totally unethical. I have deleted the accounts of one extremely vocal (ex) member who had 5 member names and used all of them to further his agendas.

Banned Members
Banning a member is a serious decision. Giving a member an infraction is a serious decision.
The judgement of the owners and their designates (the Moderators) needs to be respected. Do not "lobby" for the reinstatement of banned members or publicly bash Moderators for doing their job. Send them a PM if you feel wronged. Current members who ignore this policy may lose membership privileges.

if you've been a member here for more than a year and you continue to inject your political opinions into otherwise informative threads, expect at least a 60 day ban.

No more warnings.

The moderators here are volunteers and should not have to take time to clean up threads that get polluted by members who know the rules but think they do not have to abide by them.

No Politics. Those days are long gone...
…go play on Facebook if you don't like our rules.

Please, respect the management's rules so that we may continue to share our knowledge about the Motorcycle which brought us all together in the first place.
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