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Old Winger's Lament

I used to carve the curves
And Measure My Chicken Strips
Now My Days Of Dragging Pegs
Are Scarce As Chicken Lips

I Used to Love to Speed
To Really Crank That Throttle
Now DQ's All I Need
My Fastest Speed's A Waddle

So I'll Pull My Back Brace Tight
Pad My seat To Ease My Butt
And I'll Take A Ride Tonight
Because I'm Still A True Wing Nut

DC :)

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Dang, that's down right poetic.

Where are my tissues *snif*

Dep :)

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I used to love to hang em' out,
To twist the throttle hard.
But my big bike is slower now,
'Caus my a$$ is full of lard.

The twisty curves I do not miss,
I still enjoy them so.
But instead of being lightning fast,
I enjoy em' nice and slow.

Biking is a lot like sex,
you start out hard and fast.
But in my wisened age I've found,
It's better to make it last.

So enjoy the ride - fast or slow,
You'll get there in the end.
But when I arrive It's nice to know,
She'll invite me back again!

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Nice one Daver!


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There was a young Winger named Niges
Who had tires of two different sizes.
One was so small
It was nothing at all
But the other was large, and won prizes!!

I love Limericks :D
(Even the ones I steal)

Stay safe,


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My first bike was a Yamaha,
A decade plus my senior.
I bought it while in college,
When fundage was much leaner.

I rode it for a year or three,
And never had a wreck.
But the wrenching that I had to do,
That was a pain in the neck.

My next bike was a seca,
A zippy little scoot.
By then I was enlisted,
And rode in combat boots.

Uncle Sam said I was movin'
The bike it had to go.
So I sold it to a dorm rat,
To have a little dough.

My next bike was a Silver Wing,
An ‘82 G L A.
And I discovered touring,
Man I had it made.

Then life it started changing,
And my mind was out of whack!
I bought a little cruiser,
But eventually made it back.

For two great years I rode
that little 650 V-Star.
I modded it and wrenched on it,
And rode from bar to bar.

Then one day it hit me
She’ll be wifey number 2.
And if I'm to keep on riding,
I’ll find one that she’ll ride too.

A gorgeous wing of CC’s 12,
She looked to have show fame.
And with intercom and radio,
I found a brand new game.

So I bought it up, and polished it,
And taught her how to ride.
And later popped the question,
And now she is my bride!

We rode around like this for years,
Enjoying every grin.
And then one day my bud Lou says,
‘Take mine for a spin.’

So on his steed the wife and I,
We go around the block.
And in the end we both just said,
This 1800 rocks!

So three weeks later there I am,
My body all a quiver.
Rode it home in 28 degrees,
Just one big grin and the shivers!

This year we did a trip or two,
To hither, there, and yon.
We’ve had it a whole year now,
New tires I must put on.

I even built a trailer,
So my wife could bring her gear.
I couldn’t just go buy one,
To use it twice a year.

I ride it all the time now,
I don’t stop for the cold.
But Ice and snow falls from the sky…
I’m not sure I’m that bold.

Well there you have it all my rides,
Together in one rhyme.
I’ve never met a bike I rode,
That wasn’t a good time.

So, ride it if you got it,
One bike or another.
But if your on a bike just know,
I consider you my brother!

Ride Safe!

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This is definitely a feel-good thread. Thanks very much.
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