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getting into Canada with a gun

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next summer we are doing a trip to Alaska and am wondering what's required to cross the Canadian border with a shotgun ? thanks for any help
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As a Canadian, this type of question absolutely bewilders me.
WHY WHY WHY would you even attempt to enter into a foreign country with a firearm? Any foreign country for that matter!
Your reasoning to have it protect you from bear attacts is born from Walt Disney movies!
I live in area's where bears are seen, VERY regularly, and NEVER would anyone even think of shooting a bear.
Let alone the fine, and SEIZURE of your vehicle, that a person would receive (for hunting either out of season,without a proper "firearms aquisition certificate") then to be a foreigner doing such!!
Once you got out of jail ( vehicle is seized till conviction, then permanently forefeited to the Crown upon conviction)
I would suggest that if you are fearful of such a trip that perhaps this is not the correct venue for you!
Moreso there is NOT, I repeat NOT any reason for anyone to cross into Canada with any type of firearm. That Canada Customs WILL seize any firearm!
Do not bve fooled as EVERY vehicle crossing into Canada/United States undergoes a density X-Ray, which is geared for this type of smuggling.
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Dear "el bando"
I sincerely hope that you do try to get into Canada, or even better get caught in Canada with the smuggled firearm. I would enjoy you explaining your arrest to the judge, that you voluntarily came to Canada believing you needed a shot gun to protect you from "drug crazed Canadians".
I am sure he will consider that comment upon sentencing you.
But even better, just smuggle your weapon(s) into another country. And stay out of Canada.
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