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Abbout 3 years ago we went to Nova Scotia in our motorhome. We normally carry a 12 gauge. I called Canadian Customs and asked them if I could carry it with me as we were going across Canada and wind up in Alaska for a little hunting and fishing, they said, "no problem".
When we were clearing in and they asked if I had any firearms I replied that we did and that they didn't care who in Canada said that I could I could not. They gave me the option of sending it back home, leaving it with them and picking it back up on my way home, or just us turning around and not entering Canada. We chose to leave it at the border and had friends pick it up for us on their way back into the US.
Several years ago we did not have any problems going in or out with our shotguns, I think handguns were not allowed though.

1 - 1 of 88 Posts
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